Prayer Focus of the Week: Gospel Community

Worship Songs:


It is Finished

Verse 1
There’s no deed that can redeem us
There’s no rite nor magic word
Only by the work of Jesus
Can salvation be secured
It is finished He has done it
Let your weary heart rejoice
Our redemption is accomplished
Raise a shout with ragged voice
And go bravely into battle
Knowing he has won the war
It is finished lift your heard (and weep no more)
Verse 2
There’s no sacrifice to offer
There’s no penance to complete
Freely drink of living water
Without money come and feast
And let every sinner rejoice
Hear the dying victor’s cry
Raise up your voice
Sing it out through earth and sky

Jesus Your Mercy

Verse 1
Jesus Your mercy is all my plea
I have no defense my guilt runs too deep
The best of my works
Pierced Your hands and Your feet
Jesus Your mercy is all my plea
Verse 2
Jesus Your mercy is all my boast
The goodness I claim the grounds of my hope
Whatever I lack it’s still what I need most
Jesus Your mercy is all my boast
Praise the King who bore my sin
Took my place when I stood condemned
Oh how good You’ve always been to me
I will sing of (Your mercy)
Verse 3
Jesus Your mercy is all my rest
When fears weigh me down and enemies press
A comfort I cling to in life and in death
Jesus Your mercy is all my rest
Verse 4
Jesus Your mercy is all my joy
Forever I’ll lift my heart and my voice
To sing of a treasure no pow’r can destroy
Jesus Your mercy is all my joy


Build My Life

Verse 1
Worthy of ev’ry song we could ever sing
Worthy of all the praise we could ever bring
Worthy of ev’ry breath we could ever breathe
We live for you
Verse 2
Jesus the name above ev’ry other name
Jesus the only one who could ever save
Worthy of ev’ry breath we could ever breathe
We live for you
We live for you
Holy there is no one like you
There is none beside you
Open up my eyes in wonder and show me who You are
And fill me with Your heart
And lead me in Your love to those around me
I will build my life upon Your love
It is a firm foundation
I will put my trust in You alone
And I will not be shaken


How Great Thou Art

Verse 1
O Lord my God
When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds
Thy hands have made
I see the stars
I hear the rolling thunder
Thy pow’r throughout
The universe displayed
Then sings my soul
My Savior God to Thee
How great Thou art
How great Thou art
Then sings my soul
My Savior God to Thee
How great Thou art
How great Thou art
Verse 2
And when I think
That God His Son not sparing
Sent Him to die
I scarce can take it in
That on the cross
My burden gladly bearing
He bled and died
To take away my sin
Verse 3
When Christ shall come
With shout of acclamation
And take me home
What joy shall fill my heart
Then I shall bow
In humble adoration
And there proclaim
My God how great Thou art
Message:  Matthew 4:23-25

Guided Prayer

Lord’s Supper

Announcements and Closing Prayer

  • Discipleship Groups: Discipleship groups have started and it’s never too late to sign up! These are intentional groups gathering weekly to be equipped in the Word of God and grow in spiritual maturity. Please sign up at the welcome table if interested!
  • Prayer Walk: On Sunday, February 21st at 8:30am, we will be gathering early at the park to prayer walk around Serra Mesa Village Military housing (across the street). Please join us as we intercede for the many families who are not reconciled to God in this neighborhood.
  • Elder Book Study (February): This month’s elder book study will be going over Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus by J. Mack Stiles. Please have the entire book read by March 7th. If you wish to join us, we will be gathering to discuss and apply the book to our own lives on March 7th at 8:30am under the park gazebo. 
  • Church Constitution: Attention all Pillar members! Right after service on February 7th, we will be voting to ratify our church’s constitution. Please put the date on the calendar and read over the constitution before we vote.
  • Digital Connection Card: If wanting more info on the church, following Jesus, or any prayer requests, please follow this link to fill out a digital connection card – https://pillarsandiego.com/connect/
  • Givinghttps://pillarsandiego.com/give/ — Use this link to give online to Pillar San Diego (make sure to click on the “Pillar San Diego” tab when using easytithe. If writing a check, please make checks payable to Pillar Church with “Pillar San Diego” written in the memo line. Checks should be slipped into the giving box.