Welcome to Pillar Kids at Pillar Church of San Diego!

Here at Pillar Church of San Diego, we want to teach our children to Know Jesus and Make Him Known. We do this by teaching/introducing children to Jesus, Gospel Truth, Scripture, showing the love of Christ through words and actions, and creating a safe place where they can learn. We also strive to provide a sound position of supporting families and working together with parents as they reinforce spiritual lessons at home.


We are currently using the Hands on Bible curriculum made by Group Publishing. This curriculum includes a Bible story, a Bible verse and main teaching point of the week, and fun activities that help the kids to engage with the story each week.


We currently offer one class for ages walking-8 years old. Children older than 8 years old are invited to attend regular service. There is a fun worksheet for them to fill out to redeem at the end of service with one of the Elders to earn PillarBucks (which can be turned in for prizes!).


Allergies– If your child has any allergies or special medical information, please be sure that it is documented at check-in. We want to provide a safe environment for all children. We do provide a snack during service that may contain allergens, so please let the volunteers know.

Volunteers The safety of our children is a top priority for us! All Pillar Kids’ Volunteers (ages 18 +) have gone through a multi-step application and screening process to ensure the safety of your child/ren. Each volunteer has passed a criminal background check and taken an online child safety training as well as met with the director for policy training.


All children must be checked in at the Pillar Kids’ welcome table before being allowed into class. The kids will have a sticker placed on their backs with their name, parents’ contact information, any allergen information and a pick-up code, while the parents will receive a tag with the matching pick-up code. At the end of service, children will only be released to the adult with the correct pick-up code.


We are thrilled to welcome you to Pillar Kids and hope to see you Sunday for church! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and Rebecca or one of the Elders will contact you!